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  • Micheal Dean Klitch

    ichael Dean Klitch was enjoying his summer vacation.On June 28th 1971 when the 12-year-old told his mother that he was going to the tennis court to practice. He had left the house between 2:00 and 2:10. His mother was suppose to pick him up from the tennis court around 3:30 -3:40. He was not there.

    Micheal’s unique brand of tennis ball was found on the court but there was no evidence to suggest there was a struggle. A maid who worked across the street claims to have seen a boy matching his description playing on the court alone.

    Sunday, July 11th,  a man, his sister and two children went into the woods to pick berries. Instead they stumbled upon a partially burned shed and looked inside, where they found a found the charred and badly decomposed body of Micheal Klitch. Nearby were his glasses, shoes and tennis racket. It was later determined that he had been stabbed multiple times in the left side of his chest.
    The area where Micheal’s body was found is now Alum Creek Lake.
     Thank you to CountEveryMoment