Amber Alyssa Tuccaro


Tuccaro had been the subject of a missing persons case since she vanished in August of 2010.

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are considered to be suspicious.

Investigators say that horseback riders found a human skull on September 1st, and over the weekend dental records were used to identify it as belonging to Tuccaro.

Police released a chilling audio tape of a conversation between Tuccaro and an unknown male.

The conversation was believed to be recorded after she was last seen at her Nisku hotel on the evening of August 18, 2010.

Some of the material on the tape is disturbing, as Tuccaro expresses concern about her whereabouts.

Investigators believe that the male on the tape could aid them in figuring out what happened to Tuccaro.

Tuccaro, a Fort McMurray resident, was 20 years old when she was last seen. 

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