Delaine Goudriaan


Delaine Goudriaan’s body was discovered in a field across the freeway from Edmonton’s maximum security prison. She was 13 when she was killed after going missing on July 14, 1983. She had lived in the city for just 10 months. Her body was badly decomposed when it was found full clothed and hidden under a large signboard, in a field along Manning Drive on August, 16, 1983.

Although it was ruled a homicide, investigators could not determine a cause of death and there was hardly any physical evidence due to the decomposition and time that had passed.

Souvie said her sister had been sexually abused by a man close to the family in Hinton. She had started suffering seizures, possibly due to the stress of the abuse, she said.

Delaine Goudriaan took two pills for her seizures, which were both found in her pocket.  While police say they ruled out “numerous” persons of interests, we do not know who they were. No suspects have been announced.

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