Disco Dan, UID 2885UMTX

Disco Dan was an unidentified man found murdered in McLennan County, Texas April 3, 1978, underneath FM 2113. The man had been shot, presumably at a different location and left in a drainage culvert. He had died days prior, with only soft tissue remaining. He was 20-30 years old.

At this time, the exact location of his body is unknown, due to the fact that he was buried in an unmarked grave in the McLennan County Restland Cemetery. He was given his nickname a blur floral shirt found with him. He has light brown, shoulder-length hair, a mustache and goatee, brown eyes and three tattoos. He also has a Puka shell necklace.

Found on map at 31.49191, -97.17269

Disco Dan Unidentified Mans Tattoo

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