Janina Vasquez

Around 5PM, patrol officers were called to Kansas City’s Riverfront Park on February 19th, 2015. A woman has been found at the bottom of a 25 foot deep well, by a city maintenance worker. Authorities ended up classifying Janina Vasquez’s death as “accidental”. Her mother, Jenny Cochran, and others believe something more sinister happened.

Janina was last seen leaving the Isle of Capri Casino on February 12th, at 7:40pm. Earlier that day, Janina texted her parents saying she would be back tomorrow. She said she was going to stay with Allen and Nicole- two people they had never heard of. “Allen” dropped her off earlier that evening. But at 7:40 PM She was seen on video surveillance getting into a red newer model 4 door sedan, without her backpack she usually carried. Only three minutes later, that same car was recorded entering the Riverfront Parking lot, only a half mile away from the casino. It remained there until 10:10 PM

Can you identify this car type?

A few hours after Janina left the casino, her cellphone pinged in the area of the Riverfront Parking lot. A 911 call had been placed but the called was dropped. Officers briefly searched the park before leaving.


When Janina was found a week later, her sweatshirt was tied around her waist. Her bra, underwear, socks and backpack were all missing. This was mid-February and temperatures were below freezing in Kansas City. Her ID was found in her boot. She suffered a severe injury to the back of her head and both of her wrists were fractured.

Yet something else made where Janina was found, even stranger. The well was not out in the open. It was covered with a heavy, steel grate. Someone strong would need to open it, and with Janina’s poor health and chronic pain, its questionable if she could open it alone. Then, around the grate, is a tall¬†locked fence- with barbed wire. It wasn’t a location someone accidentally comes across.

Even if Janina did go through the barriers to get in the well- why would someone do that?
Police claim they have received very few tips, but would like to speak to the driver of the red car. No one has ever come forward. The local news covered her story but it seemed the public quickly forgot her. Anyone with information should contact KCPD.

Click here for an aerial view of the area.



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