Joanne Ghostkeeper


Joanne Ghostkeeper’s parents hadn’t heard from her for several days they went to her apartment at 11925 34 Street on Christmas day, 1996. When no one answered, they called authorities who came for a welfare check. They found her body, partially dressed. It was determined that she bad been strangled.

Nine years later the family was going through Joanne’s belongings when they came across an undeveloped roll of film, which was turned over to police in October, 2005. On it was a photo of two men. The family and police were familiar with one of them. They had been taken inside of Joanne’s apartment six months prior to her murder.

She was last seen drinking at the Beverly Crest Motel on December 22, 1996 with another woman and a few men. It was determined, due to her decomposition when she was found, that she died on the 22nd. Within 24 hours of releasing the photographs to the public, the two men came forward and spoke with police detectives. Neither were considered suspects.

A $40,000 reward offered in 1997 has gone unclaimed. Project KARE is aware of the Edmonton police investigation but is not conducting the investigation. The public is asked to contact local law enforcement authorities with any information they feel might be helpful by calling 780-422-TIPS or 780-423-4567.

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