Kimberly Lawanda Carter

Kimberly Lawanda Carter has been missing since July 5, 1984 from 4518 Kensington Ave, Kansas City, Missouri.

During the early evening of July 5, 1984, Carter left her three children with a girlfriend when she went to work. This was the last time Carter was seen by any of her family or friends. Carter supposedly called a friend by phone from “somewhere in Kansas,” requesting a ride home. She then told her friend a man had offered her a ride. Her loved ones said Carter would never voluntarily leave her children, and police suspect foul play.

Physical Description
Sex: Female
Race: Black
Date of Birth/Age at time of disappearance: March 21, 1965 / 19
Height/Weight: 5 feet 3 inches / 115 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Other: She was last seen wearing a black pant suit.

If you have information about her whereabouts, call 816-234-5136 or e-mail missingperson@kcpd.org.

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