Lyle Stevik

On Monday, September 17, 2001, a man is found dead in a motel room in Amanda Park, Washington. He had hanged himself on the coat rack. He has yet to be identified.

Three days previously (Friday, September 14, 2001), the man checks in using the name “Lyle Stevik”, and the address “1019 S Progress Ave, Meridian, Idaho”. The motel manager describes the man as having a “slight Canadian accent”; she thinks he might have a backpack, but isn’t sure. He arrives at the same time as buses stop outside the motel, but nobody is certain how Lyle traveled there. He is given the key to room 8, but returns an hour later to complain about noise from a nearby trailer park. The motel clerk describes Lyle as giving off “bad vibes”, being “spaced”, and making her feel nervous. He is given the key to room 5.

On Saturday 15 September, 2001, Lyle is noticed “pacing” up and down the highway. He is also seen by “several people” on the porch outside room 5. On Sunday, 16 September, 2001, the motel maid offers to clean his room; Lyle declines, but asks for additional towels. On Monday 16 September, 2001, Lyle is due to check out of his room. The maid finds his body and calls the motel owner. Police arrive.

Lyle leaves $160 in $20 bills in a hotel comment card, with “FOR THE ROOM” written on the front. In the bin, there is a copy of the previous day’s Daily World Sunday newspaper, an empty Pepsi cup, and a note with the word “SUICIDE” written across. Other items that are found in the room include a toothbrush, toothpaste, coffee cup, and $2.40 in spare change. In Lyle’s pocket is $8 in dollar bills and a pen.

The address Lyle gives on check-in belongs to the Best Western Rama Inn in Meridian, Idaho. Hotel employees do not recognize the John Doe.

Further Information and a list of rule-outs can be found here. This was used with permission from r/lylestevik

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