Rochelle Thomas-Stubblefied

Rochelle, a 20-year-old criminal justice major and track runner at CCSJ, was last seen in the college’s parking lot after a basketball game. She was 8.5 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. She told some friends that she was going to visit the father of her child. She was never seen again. Her last cell phone activity was around 7pm Nov 10, 2015 at the college.

Her phone and bank account have not been used. Rochelle and the father of her child had broken up a few months previous to her disappearance and he had expressed doubt about the paternity of the child. Rochelle’s car with some personal belongings, including poetry she had written about the impending birth of her child, was located near an abandoned house in Gary, IN about a week after she disappeared.

The father of her child was detained and questioned by the police before her car was found; as they had no evidence of foul play, the police could not charge the father with a crime and had to release him. He left the state immediately and has not returned. His current location is unknown.

A friend of his, when detained and questioned by the police, confessed to assisting the father in dismembering and disposing of Rochelle’s body in an abandoned house in Gary. Several houses have been searched but no body or further evidence has been found.

Rochelle’s parents reported her missing on the morning of Nov 11, 2015, when they woke up and realized that Rochelle, who lived with them, had not returned home in the night. They visited her college and spoke to her teachers and staff. Rochelle’s disappearance was not initially taken seriously by the local police, who assumed that she had run off with a new boyfriend. The police did not speak to students, teachers, or staff at the college until nearly a month after Rochelle disappeared. At that point, the case was being handled by the Gary Police Department’s homicide division.

Her name is variously published as Rochelle Stubblefield, Rochelle Stubblefield Thomas, and Rochelle Thomas-Stubblefield. (Her legal name as it appears on her college records is Rochelle Thomas-Stubblefield.) She is said to have usually worn black eyeglasses with rectangular frames and would pull her hair back.

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