In Search Of

Rosalie (Rose) Mirowski

Reddit user u/Holidaycontrol is searching for their birth mother.

-Name: Ms. Rosalie (Rose) Mirowski

-Her Mom – Freda Mirowski

-Her Dad – Jan Mirowski (died September 15, 1973, buried in Woodland Cemetery)

-A man by the name of Frank Perri co owned the house 1526 Main Street East with Freda until 1998. Could they have been married and now the last name is Freda? Hmm

-I’ve been told from various sources including hospitals, police that there is not much activity in the name after the late 1990’s. Did they move out of Ontario?

-Address: 1526 Main Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8K 1E3

-Date of birth: July 5 1955

-Place of Birth: St. Catherines

-Telephone Number: 519-549-1856

-Job: 25 Main Street West Hamilton – Suite 1000 – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

-Neighbors of her in 1970-1980 Census Data:

1526 Mrs Freda Mirowski – drpy seamst (her parents, data from census)

1526 Jan Mirowski – pattern maker (her parents, data from census)

1530 Pozzo, Miss Cynda, secretary |

1530 Pozzo, Walter, sales manager

1530 Pozzo, Mrs Millicent, housewife

1522 Candida, Frank, steerworker

1522 Candida, Mrs Forlini storekpr

1518 McHale, John, real estate

1518 McHale, Mrs. Beatrix, housewife

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